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How to Book 3-4 Speaking Gigs Per Month... even if a $10/hour intern does it for you!

Do you have a great presentation but struggle getting booked to speak?
Do you feel as if you've tried everything and your message still falls on deaf ears?
Would you benefit from a proven, step-by-step system that fills your pipeline with your ideal speaking opportunities... without being salesy?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!


Take the 3-Day Lead Generation Challenge for Business Owners & Speakers!
Most speakers struggle because they don't understand how their marketing efforts fit into their overall sales funnel.   According to a study conducted by Speaker Flow:
Imagine your leads saying "I see you everywhere!"
Most speakers don’t get booked because they’re unknown. 

With The Ultimate Lead Generation Challenge, you get a strategy that puts you on the map, while saving as much as 420% when compared to the cost of traditional PPC advertising. People start noticing you wherever they go, especially online, and they can’t help but want to know more about you! 

In fact, when you deploy this strategy correctly, you’ll have prospective clients get on calls with you and say, “I see you everywhere!” As you can imagine, having this advantage boosts your reply rate, closing ratio and revenue. 
A scalable outbound sales strategy that produces high-value leads 


Another big benefit with The Ultimate Lead Generation Challenge is its simplicity. The process is so systematic that anyone disciplined enough to follow the instructions can make it work. It also allows you to generate leads, book speaking engagements and schedule sales appointments without sounding salesy. So if selling causes you stress, you’ll love this methodology. 

When you take on the challenge, you’ll discover… 


Shama generated more sales revenue using the Ultimate Outbound Strategy than any other strategy COMBINED! 


After Shama Hyder experienced The Ultimate Lead Generation Strategy, she tasked her $10/hour intern to follow the system.  In less than 30 days, the intern outperformed her 6-figure salesperson!  
How the 3-Day Challenge Works

The Ultimate Lead Generation Challenge for Business Owners and Speakers 

How long is the challenge?
This is a 3-day challenge — one session each Wednesday for three consecutive weeks. Each session is scheduled for 90 minutes. You have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each workshop.


Frequently Asked Questions

Day 3: March 24, 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST
  • How to acquire your dream clients (the biggest and best in the market) 
  • The 7 elements to landing "whales" 
Day 1: March 10, 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST
  • Why most outbound prospecting fails 
  • 7 rules for successful prospecting 
  • The ultimate outbound step-by-step blueprint 
  • How to identify your ideal client 
  • How to turn cold prospects into lukewarm prospects days before you talk with them 
Day 2: March 17, 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST
  • How to write cold emails that convert 
  • How to use prospecting automation the right way (and why you must avoid LinkedIn automation!) 
  • How to use "social selling" to drive more conversations 
  • The omnichannel formula we're using to set 400% more appointments 
  • The LinkedIn secret nobody knows exists 






Will the sessions be recorded?
Yes, they will be recorded. When you enroll, you'll receive the recorded presentation and supporting PDFs after the workshop.
Who’s giving the presentation?
The challenge was created by Charles Gaudet who was called: "The Go-To Business Coach for 7 & 8 Figure Businesses" by International Business Times.

He'll be joined by two additional top business coaches/ consultants (Stephanie Vaughan, and Zach Burkes). 
Each presenter founded their own multimillion-dollar business and works with several 7- and 8-figure companies (many that earned spots on the Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies list). 

In addition, they’re co-hosting the event with Neil Gordon, the foremost authority in helping speakers captivate their audiences. 
In just 2-Days after using The Ultimate Lead Generation Strategy, Benjamin instantly generated 10-times more leads than his previous strategy!

Get the training, scripts, templates and checklists for just $497
See how to book more speaking gigs and fill your calendar fast!


  • 80% of speakers aren't confident in their marketing efforts

  • 83% of speakers don't prospect for new opportunities

  • 70% of speakers say that prospecting is the hardest part of their business
This 3-day LIVE and highly interactive challenge shows you how to target high-value leads and reveals step-by-step tactics for generating more speaking opportunities (and sales) practically on autopilot!
  • A powerful resource for finding all your ideal prospects (including their contact information) without using inferior database list aggregation technologies

  • How to cut your email sending by as much as 80% and set twice as many meetings

  • A new way to use LinkedIn to set appointments without relying on robots or spamming people’s inboxes with messages they won’t read

  • A little-known secret for turning cold contacts into warm prospects weeks before you ever reach out to them (this boosts your close rate by as much as 200%)

  • The right way to use the phone (even if you only get a voicemail) that practically guarantees you’re the first person people contact when they’re ready to hire speaker

  • A simple way to systematize your cold outreach efforts so anyone can do it for you

  • And much more.
“I've keynoted in over 20 counties — sharing the stage with everyone from the Dalai Lama to President Biden. The speaking landscape has changed dramatically and outbound has to be key if you want to get booked. I could not recommend The Outbound Lead Generation Strategy by Predictable Profits MORE highly. 

We've generated more sales revenue using this strategy than any other strategy COMBINED. If you are serious about booking more engagements, you need this.”

 — Shama Hyder,  CEO of Zen Media
Bestselling Author
““Before we started working with you, we were hitting a .5% lead rate. Just two days into this new system, we are at a 5% lead rate — and that’s just from email 1. So in two days we went from .5% to 5%, that’s a 10X increase!”

— Benjamin Arabov, CEO of Grow Enrollments
Like many business owners, Benjamin Arabov followed all the popular expert advice when it came to building an outbound prospecting plan. His approach changed after deploying The Ultimate Lead Generation Strategy — and so did his results (with just a single email).
With this challenge, you get all the checklists, scripts and templates you need to successfully launch your own outbound campaign. There’s no guesswork. In fact, you can begin filling your pipeline right away.

 During each of the three consecutive weeks, you’ll attend one LIVE, 90-minute training. The first one is on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, at 1 p.m. ET. By the end of your final training, you’ll have your prospecting system fully set up. 

We’ve systematized the process so well that — once everything is in order — you can do the outreach yourself or have an intern do it for you. Either way, you can set 1-3 appointments every single day and fill your pipeline quickly. 

Similar training costs upwards of $2,500 and struggle to produce a fraction of the results. In order to prove how much the right strategy can radically transform your results, we made The Ultimate Lead Generation Challenge affordable for any serious speaker at just $497. You can make back this investment several times over with just a single speaking gig. 
What's Included?
During the challenge, you learn how to set more high-value appointments to secure leads and book speaking engagements. This includes the complete outbound prospecting blueprint that covers topics such as “pre-heating” a cold list, finding the right list of buyers, writing an effective cold email, using LinkedIn the right way (without looking like a spammer), outbound prospecting mistakes to avoid, how to systematize your outbound process, and much more. 

You get everything you need, including checklists, templates, scripts and more. .
Can I have my sales team attend?
Yes, absolutely! In fact, it's encouraged. Each registration provides you with one seat for your team, whether it's for you, your sales manager, or another member of your sales team.
How long do I have access to the material?
You receive lifetime access to the material. 







What are the dates and times for the challenge?
March 10, 17 and 24 from 1 p.m - 2:30 p.m. (with time at the end for Q & A)